Mills Locker was built in the 1940's and originated in the heart of New York Mills.  Whitman and Amanda Briard took over ownership on June 1st of the year 2000.  On July 18th of 2010 began with devastating news for Amanda and Whitman Briard, when a fire destroyed their Locker Plant.
The landmark on the corner in Mills for over 50 years was nothing but a pile of debris by Monday morning. Their tragic loss is not only personal, but also felt by the entire community, as the Mills Locker Plant has been a staple in New York Mills for decades.
OUT of the ASHES
Within the week, they had purchased the Mid-State Auto Auction building with the goal of reopening by year’s end. Just three months after losing his butcher shop business in a fire in July Whitman Briard walked us through his new locker plant located just yards from the old business.
“Best of all is that our three former employees will join us here, at the new location,” said Briard. “In addition to custom processing, we’ll also have room for a 30-by-30-foot retail store. This will hopefully allow us to also add two more employees.” As with the old location, Whitman and Amanda Briard will still process hogs, beef, sheep and deer.
“As for the retail store, we’ll offer any kind of sausage you can think of,” said Whitman. “People will have a good selection of hams, roast beef, bacon, dried beef jerky and other food items.”